Bossico is located in a scenic area, on a plateau overlooking the Borlezza valley, upper Cavallina Valley and the Lake Iseo, it is 48 kilometers away from Bergamo and 68 km from Brescia. The location offers a breathtaking glance of the surroundings, something that has enabled the town to develop as a tourist spot, thanks to a mild and airy whether, due to the proximity of Lake Iseo and thanks to the gentle breeze that blows at the 900 meters of altitude. The area offers beautiful scenery and the chance to do various activities in contact with nature.

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Events in Bossico

Bricklayers Italian Championship takes place in Summer and teams of craftsmen and building workers compete for the construction of manufactured made by cement and bricks. In August the Bread Festival opened with a demonstration of traditional ovens bakery and an evening celebration with music and dances.   Chestnut gathering in the month of October in the woods nearby.   The town festival of “Mangia e bif in font all’era”, taking places in some distinctive spots of the village, allow you to taste the typical local dishes accompanied by fine wine and enjoying shows, music and performances.   San Fermo feast with Hillclimbing of Mount Columbine.   Feast of the patrons, Saints Peter and Paul, at the parish youth club in July 1st, 2nd, 3rd.   In the neighbourhood Bienno Exhibition market: an annual event that represent a strong link between all the people of the community, his aim is showing the visitors its true soul, made up of memories and traditions.   Saint Ambrogio Market (Darfo Boario): On the first week of December, the perfectly preserved medieval Castle of Gorzone hosts the Christmas markets of Sant’Ambrogio. In the beautiful and evocative setting of the castle and all along the road, it will be possible to find handicrafts and local products.

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Lake Iseo ( 9 km)

Bossico is located on a hill overlooking Lake Iseo, which is only 9 km far. Along the mountain road, you can easily reach the most idyllic areas on the lake with lots of leisure choices, like the bathing beaches during the Summer.

Lovere (11 km)

Lovere is situated at the north east of Lake Iseo, where Valcamonica begins and, with the nearby Costa Volpino, it is one of the most important towns of the lake. Because of its position,it has been populated since ancient times and ruins of fortifications dating back before the Roman period are still visible on the nearby Mount Cola. Even more clearly visible are the ruins of the village in the Middle Ages. From Piazza Vittorio Emanuele starts many streets, alleys and stairways arranged radially. On the top stand, the fourteenth-century Hall Tower that once was part of the castle of the Cereri family, the feudal lords.

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Valle del Freddo (17 km)

At a short distance from Lake Iseo, next to the small Lake Gaiano, there is a place of great natural interest: Valle del Freddo. The main characteristic of this area, which extends for about 600 meters in the Municipality of Solto Collina, is to offer while being only 360 meters above sea level, a wide variety of flora, which is usually traced only at altitudes above one thousand meters, and not infrequently to 1500-1600 meters.

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16 km far from the Hotel you can find the well-known town of Clusone from which starts several paths walking you through the picturesque landscape of the Seriana valley.

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Parco Avventura (29 km)

In the town of Darfo Boario a few kilometers from the hotel, you can enjoy exciting adventures into the green of this adventure park. Four fantastic routes and a route for practice, from beginner to more challenging. With the whole family you will discover your spirit of adventure, having fun playing and being surrounded by the nature of the thermal park. The park also has a bobsleigh monorail suitable for all ages – climbing wall – tennis courts – aviary – botanical garden – playground and animation – baby-sitting – events and shows – bar and restaurant

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Terme di Darfo Boario: SPA (29 km)

Here you can find a place to regenerate body and spirit: a dimension in which the multiple aspects of the water, vital element, allow us to achieve balance and wellness in a beneficial process of regeneration.   The hot springs gush from the ground after touching the rocks of Mount Altissimo, after a 15 years journey, time by which they have gradually purified and enriched with minerals and elements essential to the human organism. The park offers ideal answers to those wishing to improve their health and quality of life in a natural way.

The spa will offer the possibility to do some relaxing and rejuvenating treatments: • “wet zone” where you can enjoy a sauna – Turkish bath – Mediterranean bath – Kneipp treatments – Swiss showers – ice waterfall and a magical salt room to relax and breathe the salt air contains iodine, which gives benefits to your skin and breathing apparatus. • “swimming zone” where you dip yourself into a thermal pool and discover the valuable property that gives the hot spring water, been astonished by the immensity of the surrounding landscape. • “whirlpool zone” where you can be pampered by the many bubbles that tone the skin, giving an intense feeling of well-being. • “relax zone” designed for your complete relaxation: lie on comfortable couch sipping sweet infusions. • “solarium zone” designed for those who love the sun, where you can make your tan shining   Thanks to an agreement with the SPA, staying at our hotel you get a 20% discount on the entry.

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Monte Isola (35 km)

Monte Isola, or also Montisola, is the lasrgest european island situated in a lake, it is a green mountain in the middle of Iseo lake, defined by the italian legislation as "a place of particular natural and ambiental relevance".

In 2019 it has been elected as the third best european destination, before internationally known cities like Athens, Amsterdam and Florence. This was also possible thanks to the worldwide visibility given to the island by the art work "The Floating Piers" by Christo, realized on the lake in June 2016.

The island can be reached by ferry both from the Bergamo and Brescia's side. The main ports from Brescia are Sulzano and Sale Marasino, from which it is possible to reach Peschiera Maraglio and Carzano, respectively. But Montisola can be reached from Bergamo's side, too, sailing from Tavernola Bergamasca, where daily tranports are available.


History and Prehistory

The Camonica Valley, just some dozens of kilometers from Bossico, has a grand history, in particular of rock art. The area is the first Italian site protected by UNESCO as World Heritage. By the village of Cividate Camuno, there is a small museum dedicated to the history of cave art, no far there is the famous park of rock carvings where adults and kids can admire the archaeological sites of extraordinary beauty and attend a proper laboratory. Pescarzo, municypality of Capodiponte: by “Le crus” you can see carvings of the camunian rose and hunting scenes; by “Bedolina” you’ll find the famous namesake map of the prehistoric surrounding area.

Link: ArcheoCamuni

Link: Cartina dei Sentieri di Bossico

Hiking & Nordic Walking

The woods nearby Bossico are the ideal setting to go for relaxing walks or pleasant hiking. On request, a guide can take you to the most evocative places of our plateau.

Mountain Bike

For Mountain Bike enthusiasts, Bossico offers beautiful trails in the nature around the plateau. The hotel has several MTB that can be used by the guests.


Extreme sports lovers will be plenty of choices. Due to the location and a specific microclimate, Mount Colombina offers even during the winter, the possibility to fly paragliders and enjoy a wonderful panorama. In springtime, the high temperature, with just mild turbulence, create an excellent opportunity for soaring, and enjoying even long cross flight.


By the Lake Iseo, in the town of Lovere, just 12 km far from the Hotel, there is a sailing school that gives the opportunity to take courses for adults and kids, choosing from various kinds of boats. Each month from March to November, the sailing school offers a full calendar of sailing classes, from basic to advanced level, meeting the target of children, beginners and those who already have some practical knowledge of sailing and just want to perfect their skills. The courses are opened to everybody and taught by qualified certified instructors, there are both individual or collective classes.


In the nearby town of the valley of Bergamo and Brescia, just a few kilometers away from the Hotel, you will find both natural and artificial climbing walls suitable for different levels and different ages.


A tennis court with clay surface can be used by the guests for challenging games. Upon request, you can attend a course with a qualified tennis instructor.

Table Tennis and Soccer

Football and table tennis lovers will find everything they need to have fun with family and friends.